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Iris Tempelaar is a fashion photographer, who was born and raised in the Netherlands. After dancing her whole childhood and completing a musical degree, she got accepted to the art academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. This is where her visual journey began.

‘I am fascinated by gender expression and how society connects visual aspects to a certain gender role. How do you convey a story or brand identity by an image? And how does attitude and behaviour fall into place? I like to answer these questions the most! Body poses form a central element in my imagery. My approach to photography follows concepts found in sculpturing, with a focus on silhouettes, colour and volume composition.

I create campaigns, lookbooks and artist artworks for fashion labels, jewellery brands and artists. Aiming at relevance, to inspire and to challenge the status quo.’

Photo: Julie Vielvoije 



 Denise Roobol / Femmes du Sud / Dearhunter / O-SHiN / BYFEMKE  / Imme Visser / Kukka / HEMA photography assistent



Elle (NL) / SICKY magazine



De Finer Things Club